Predictive Index Talent Optimization Software

The Best Teams Are Magic but the Process to Find Them Is Pure Science

Roles and personalities complement each other. The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Performance soars. Now there’s a scientific way to design high-performing teams with predictability, which has been successfully honed and implemented over the past 50 years.

Predictive Index (PI) makes one of the hardest parts of business easy: finding the right people for the right roles, every time. This is why we integrated PI Hire into our BlockForce Talent Match app for candidates.

Beyond Making Decisions with Your Gut

Making hiring decisions with your gut is a perilous and well-worn path. Another feeling in your gut might be more productive: a sense that your company can’t shift into a higher gear and that you don’t have the right butts in the right seats. You may be rich with talented individuals, but they’re not assembled and managed in a way that pushes everyone to the top of their game. Or worse: you may have hiring managers simply making bad hiring decisions because it’s not their strength and/or they may just be seeking a clone of themselves.

The reason: few tools exist that help you analyze talent and guide team creation. Few tools help people understand how to improve their own performance. And no tools let you see the whole person or team in the context of your strategic goals – until now.

The Predictive Index puts you and your organization in the driver’s seat so you can control outcomes and steer your company in the right direction – with confidence.

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Start with PI Hire

PI Hire has been incorporated into our app because of it’s ability to help you:

Predictive Index Job Icon

Know Your Ideal Hire

Paste your job description to get your ideal candidate benchmark—based on millions of data points.

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Understand Your Candidates

Invite your candidates to take the 6-minute PI Behavioral Assessment™ to see how well they align with your needs.

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Secure the Right Fit – Every Time

Use interview questions rooted in people data so you can speak directly to your behavioral target. And confidently hire the right person, regularly.

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