Retained Search Service

Hire for Multiple Positions Seamlessly

If your organization is rapidly scaling, you know how overwhelming it can be to hire multiple candidates or even entire teams on tight timeframes.

When the need to hire numerous candidates arises, some organizations choose to engage with multiple recruiting firms. While that strategy can be effective, it often leads to disorganization; inconsistencies emerge and communication between organizations, recruiters and candidates can easily become muddled.

For long-term success and internal stability, you know how important hiring right fit candidates is. So why introduce potential chaos and miscommunication to the mix?

If your organization is ramping up hiring in the near future, consider committing to a retained search service. The recruitment model places the responsibility of hiring all open positions on one firm. The result? You quickly hire multiple, qualified candidates without having to manage multiple staffing firms.

How Does Retained Search Work?

A retained search service can be thought of as “one stop shopping.” Your outsourced recruiting team will hire for multiple roles across all job levels – from entry level up to executive and c-suite level positions.

The customized and strategic approach ensures consistency across the hiring process. After closely collaborating with hiring managers, your recruiting team will have clarity about what to seek in candidates and which blend of skills will be required to build a successful team.

What to Expect from a Retained Search Service

When you use a retained search service, internal hiring managers will form a long-term engagement with your outsourced recruiting partner. With your guidance, the recruiting team will develop a clear-eyed, comprehensive hiring strategy with well-defined goals.

Once needs and goals are clarified, recruiters will review resumes, conduct preliminary (or even late-stage) interviews, keep track of hiring activities, and serve as your singular point of contact for feedback.

When you partner with BlockForce for a retained search service, here’s what to expect:

Partner with BlockForce

Let BlockForce’s team become an extension of your own with our retained search service.

Don’t let the inefficiencies that come along with managing multiple recruiting firms get in the way of your organization onboarding the best talent. Instead, place your trust in a single, partner-minded firm that is motivated to grow your team with right-fit candidates.

Your organization’s unique needs will be at the forefront of BlockForce’s customized plan. We will accelerate your growth in the short-term and track key performance indicators (KPIs) over time to further optimize recruiting and increase employee retention.

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