Temp Staffing Agency Services

Maximize Fulfillment Rates in Increasingly Competitive Labor Market with a Digital-First Approach – Whether You Need One Outstanding Worker or 100

While there can be applicant issues, the real reason temp recruiting is so challenging is not the quality of applicants but rather the competition for labor. We know how challenging it can be to find talent for $15-20/hr. when job candidates can earn as much working at Starbucks or Amazon as they can in more challenging environments.

One key: flexibility. Another: Eliminate resume “keyword” scrutiny and other outdated hiring practices that can introduce bias and inadvertently screen out good candidates.

Partner with BlockForce

Make us a recruiting extension of your team and see how we can maximize fulfillment rates for temps and temp-to-hire with a customized program that we co-create with you. Over time we will also track key performance indicators (KPIs) to optimize recruiting and increase employee retention.

We know how difficult temp staffing is, but when you take advantage of our expertise and proven processes, you may be surprised to learn how much easier it can be.

Fun Fact: we give all employees a “Sh*t Happens Card” so, if they have any issues with transportation or anything that could affect their availability to work, we will assist them to minimize issues for them and for you.

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How BlockForce Talent Finds the Talent You Need:

Digital Hiring Icon

Digital Hiring Assessment

A consultation to assess and understand your needs. Hiring program options are discussed.

Custom Program Icon

Custom Program Options

Co-create the optimal hiring approach and quickly fill your open positions by leveraging our recruiting and technology

Screening and Interviewing Icon

Screening & Interviewing

Candidates are evaluated for skills, intelligence and fit using our app – no offshoring!

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Talent Delivered

On-demand and on-time delivery of workers leveraging WurkNow digital staffing automation

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Employee Retention

Key employee engagement metrics are established and monitored with recommendations for your team.