Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services

A Key Step in Creating a Recruiting Center of Excellence

Many people hear “Recruitment Process Outsourcing” and think of a staffing firm or headhunters. But at BlockForce Talent, we go further, partnering with you to design and execute a customized talent acquisition and recruitment process that delivers unmatched business results. Our team works with your team to transform the process and ensure that you can get the talent you need when you need it.

RPO isn’t for quick fixes or one-off hires. This is an all-in approach. BlockForce embeds our recruiting experts within your organization to ensure alignment with your while protecting and promoting your brand – with no offshoring!

Our high-tech meets high-touch approach to RPO pairs the most advanced, integrated technology with key elements of human interaction. You will have high-quality candidates at the speed and scale you need them, in a process that also leaves candidates and hiring managers with an experience they will feel good about.

High Volume Staffing RPO

Programmatic Advertising

Going beyond simply posting on job boards, programmatic advertising ensures that ads are targeted, spend is optimized and results generate the right talent.

Assessment & Matching

Measure a large number of candidates against benchmarking data from high-performing current employees and apply machine learning to continually improve the process for matching candidates to open positions.

Interview Self-Scheduling

Self-scheduling interviews automates the application process. Software allows qualified job seekers to choose an interview time frame that aligns with hiring managers’ pre-set availability.

Nurturing & Communication

Phone calls and reminders keep candidates engaged throughout the process, nudging them to take the next step. These personal touch points ensure maximum engagement but also serve to bolster and protect your brand.

Reporting & Insights

Gain instant insights into the quality of candidates and speed of the hiring process. Recruiting metrics can help forecast hiring trends and needs, equipping you to take a proactive approach with predictive analytics.

Partner with BlockForce

Give us a chance to become a recruiting extension of your team and see how we can accelerate recruiting with a customized RPO program created not just for you, but with you. Over time we will also track key performance indicators (KPIs) to optimize recruiting and further increase employee retention.

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