Contingency Staffing Services

A Better Way to Recruit & Retain Experienced Employees

If you’d like to recruit high quality, experienced, full-time employees faster and retain them longer, our contingency staffing services could be right for you. We provide a national labor pool of experienced workers for single or multiple sites anywhere in the U.S., saving our clients time and headaches while ensuring they have the staff they need.

What Is Contingency Staffing?

Contingency recruiting uses a staffing agency to identify the right employees with the right experience instead of relying on temps or hourly workers. There is no fee until you hire someone found by the staffing agency; payments are typically 20% of the new hire’s annual salary.

Powered by BlockForce Talent’s extensive network and fueled by our customized search process, our full-time contingency staffing services ensure that your hiring needs are fully met.

It’s a balanced and interactive approach to your company’s needs, with services customized to save you time and provide the hiring solutions you need.

Increase Employee Retention: Head, Heart & Briefcase

According to the people who developed the powerful tool Predictive Index, job candidates are more than the sum of their experience, education and references.  To better understand the likelihood of a good fit and long-term retention, the Predictive Index assesses three critical components of their character:

  • Behavioral drives and cognitive ability (head)
  • Values and interests (heart)
  • Knowledge, skills and experience (briefcase)

BlockForce Talent partners with Predictive Index to provide our clients access to this highly rated assessment tool.

Partner with BlockForce

Give us a chance to become a recruiting extension of your team and see how we can accelerate contingency placements with a customized program that we create, not just for you, but with you. We also track key performance indicators (KPIs) over time, to optimize recruiting and further increase employee retention.

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