Executive Search Service

Quickly Find Exceptional, Best Fit Executive Candidates

If you’d like to recruit executives faster and retain them longer, our executive search service could be right for you. We tap into a national labor pool of general management, finance, marketing and sales, manufacturing, operations, engineering, and HR executives for placement anywhere in the U.S., in any industry.

We will save you time and headache while ensuring you have the leadership you need to take your organization to new heights.

Finding the Right Executive: Head, Heart & Briefcase

According to the people who developed the powerful tool Predictive Index, executive candidates offer a wealth of experience, education and references – but how do you know if they will be a fit for your organization?

To better understand the likelihood of a good executive fit and long-term retention, BlockForce Talent uses the Predictive Index to assess three critical components of their character:

  • Behavioral drives and cognitive ability (head)
  • Values and interests (heart)
  • Knowledge, skills and experience (briefcase)

Partner with BlockForce

Let our executive search service become an extension of your recruiting team. You will see how we accelerate leadership placements with a customized executive search program that we create, not just for you, but with you. We also track key performance indicators (KPIs) over time, to optimize future executive searches, and further increase leadership retention.

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