Healthcare Staffing Agency Services

From hiring temps and entry level positions to highly experienced practitioners, BlockForce Talent offers fast and cost-effective placements with both contingency and recruiting process outsourcing (RPO) services.

Make us a recruiting extension of your team and see how we can maximize fulfillment rates for all position types with a customized recruiting program that we create for you – and with you. Over time we will also track key performance indicators (KPIs) with with proprietary technology to optimize recruiting and increase employee retention.

Temps & Hourly Recruiting

While there can be a shortage of applicants, the real reason temp and hourly recruiting in the healthcare industry is so challenging is not the quality of applicants but rather the competition for labor. We know how hard it is to find affordable talent when there is a surplus of employment options in front of the candidates. Let us show you our solution.

One key: flexibility. Another: Eliminate short-sighted practices like resume screening that can slow the hiring process, introduce bias and inadvertently screen out good candidates. BlockForce provides accessibility to a network of available candidates in healthcare, expediting your hiring process and removing the typical headaches of hiring.

Experienced Staffing

We have a team of talented recruiters with hands-on experience in healthcare, that fully understand the industry and the types of candidates you are looking for. BlockForce works closely with the hiring managers to create a plan that best suits your hiring needs by giving you one-on-one interaction with our recruiters throughout the entire process.

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