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While we work with employers of all industries and sizes, we have extensive chemical industry experience:


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From hiring temps to frontline hourly workers to highly experienced engineers, BlockForce Talent provides expert help backed by 20+ years of experience providing fast, cost-effective placements with both contingency and recruiting process outsourcing (RPO) services.

Make us a recruiting extension of your team and see how we can maximize fulfillment rates for all position types with a customized recruiting program that we co-create with you. Over time, we will also track key performance indicators (KPIs) to optimize recruiting and increase employee retention.

Temps & Hourly Recruiting

While there can be applicant issues, the main reason temp and hourly recruiting in the chemical industry is so challenging is not the quality of applicants but rather the competition for labor. We know how challenging it can be to find talent for $15-20/hr. when your applicants can choose to work at Starbucks or Amazon instead of a chemical plant.

One key to success: flexibility. Another: it’s amazing who you can find when you move past outdated practices that can introduce bias and inadvertently screen out good candidates.

For one Illinois chemical plant, we’ve sourced over 900 workers in recent years. See below for two more chemical staffing case studies.

Experienced Staffing

BlockForce works closely with hiring managers to ensure the right fit for higher level hiring needs, including engineers, sales engineers, mid-level managers, and executives.

Fun Fact: did you know that our founder and CEO, Christina Olsen, ran global talent acquisition for Nalco?

Chemical Case Study #1

  • Piloted a centralized solution that has tripled hiring since 2019
  • Focused on hourly and non-exempt workers
  • Provided select services for professional-level roles


  • Decreased average time-to-hire by 55% (from 90+ to 40 days)
  • Increased diversity across the board 15% by using a temp-to-hire model (no interviews or virtual interviews)
  • Decreased temp spend 35% ($4.5M to $2.9M)
  • Implemented process optimization, applicant tracking system (ATS), metrics dashboard, surveys, and sourcing channels (Indeed, LinkedIn, employee referrals, internal applicants, and preferred vendor lists) – all with a focused, agile team

Chemical Case Study #2

  • Piloted a centralized and exclusive solution for niche roles:
  • Director level and above
  • Industry development manager for strategic markets
  • Regional sales manager


  • Activated dedicated model in December
  • The client entrusted BFT to utilize all internal recruiting tools
  • Focusing on two roles that were open for over 100 days
  • Mining role is in the final interview stage: two candidates sourced and interviewed by BFT in less than 20 days through the final Interview
  • Regional Sales Manager: presented three qualified candidates for final interviews

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