Meet the Team

Christina Olsen

Christina founded BlockForce Talent after reflecting on how broken the recruitment process is. She has grown the company over the last few years into a multimillion dollar staffing firm that offers a unique blend of solutions to clients. She finds enjoyment in understanding client issues and helping them build their workforce one hire at a time.

Christina believes that we all change and grow, flexibility in life without judgment is how we will be free our society from limiting beliefs. She has seen so much failure over the years utilizing a broken and time-consuming recruitment process. She has over 20 years of solutions-focused HR, staffing and recruiting experience which has offered her the opportunity learn and grow and she is using that knowledge to help you.

Christina’s vision for BlockForce is to allow everyone the freedom to define your own destiny. BlockForce Talent is the avenue that provides an equal playing ground to grow our society into achievers and producers all while providing flexibility and scalability to change our direction quickly as our needs change. We evolve, change and grow every day, our hiring and selection process needs to catch up. Join her in the revolution and take your data, life and power back!

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