Meet the Team

Bernie Vogel

Finding talent in any industry or discipline requires an art and a science and the “fire in the belly” drive that only 1% of the talent community possess. Bernie has it.

Bernie has worked as an HR/Talent Consultant since 1995-either onsite helping clients with talent solutions or driving talent from a search firm or in the middle as an RPO leader. He has assimilated his MBA in marketing, his management consultant style, sales delivery and listening skills in his passion to add value to people, client relationships and talent delivery.

Having worked inside of corporate america as a corporate recruiter or talent manager at Heineken, McGraw Hill, Sanofi, Barnes&, Bank of America & Deloitte, Bernie knows unlike many search partners, what are the inside corporate puzzles as a staffing partner and how to deliver solutions/best practices in the talent workforce.

Industries recruited : Manufacturing, CPG, IT, Big 4, Energy, Investment Banking, Global start-ups, Food, Beverage, Private Label & Hardware/Software Engineering/HR

Bernie considers himself to be a strong and passionate client facing/account manager with deep rooted DNA for garnishing and exceeding relationship trust. He is a professional interviewer via BEI Certification, a Purple unicorn hunter via AIRS certified. Favorite author quote “Seek to understand before trying to be understood” is something he values highly. He likes to help people always and to counsel and train candidates on how to market themselves and prepare for interviews while influencing decisions & using best practices to build organizations.